CLEVELAND, Dec. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Just look around the next time you’re at home with your kids, at a restaurant, at work, or any other public place. Everyone is looking down at their phones, tablets, or laptops.  Technology is putting an unprecedented level of stress on our necks, and that stress is causing real damage. The condition goes by the name ‘Tech Neck’ or ‘Text Neck,’ and it is being called an epidemic. 

Most of us spend hours looking at our phones, computers, and tablets and it is damaging our necks. The ComfortAdjust Pillow was designed specifically to combat the effects of "Tech Neck." It has the world's first, patent-pending adjustable neck support roll seamlessly integrated into a premium memory foam pillow. Designed for back and side sleepers, you can adjust your level of comfort and neck support with the turn of a dial.

According to a study by Dr. Ken Hansraj M.D., the chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, we’re at the beginning of a wave of degenerative back and neck problems caused by poor posture while using smartphones. The resulting wear and tear on the cervical spine can cause damage and an eventual need for surgery—or at the very least, pain resulting from poor posture.

For the past two years, Cleveland-based Enduring Wellness LLC has been conceptualizing the best non-invasive and non-drug related solutions to help offset the effects of this new epidemic. Their new product- the ComfortAdjust Pillow- is now available.

It is widely accepted in the medical community that sleep quality is essential for overall health and wellness. Proper neck support and alignment plays a key role in sleep quality because it promotes circulation and breathing, and allows the muscles and tendons to relax. The ComfortAdjust Pillow integrates a standard of care typically prescribed to people with neck problems- a foam roll. Capturing this foam roll within a premium memory foam pillow creates optimum ergonomics for both back and side sleepers.

«This is a worldwide epidemic and has been reported by the best medical institutions in the world,» said Brian Sokol—company CEO. «We have a solution in the first pillow designed for the technology generation—the ‘tech neck’ pillow if you will.» 

Enduring Wellness LLC is a Cleveland, Ohio-based company dedicated to providing consumer wellness product solutions based on medical research. Their debut product- the ComfortAdjust Pillow- has been seen on QVC, is currently for sale on Amazon, and will soon be shipping to international customers. For more information visit:

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