NORTHFIELD, Ohio, Dec. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”  This celebrated quote by Apple Founder Steve Jobs sets the tone for the environment today at Hy-Ko Products Company, a premier supplier of keys and key duplication technology to the retail marketplace.  In a record-setting year, Hy-Ko has received eight patents for innovation in key duplication technologies, all within the last 12 months.  And never one to rest on its laurels, Hy-Ko has 11 additional patents pending.

Hy-Ko has received eight patents for innovation in key duplication technologies, all within the last 12 months.

“Since entering the key duplication business, one of our primary goals consistently has been to develop state-of-the-art technologies that improve the key duplication process in the retail environment,” said Michael Bass, president, Hy-Ko Products Company.  “We continue to enhance our products to offer the most reliable and easy-to-use systems in the marketplace.  Our recent patent approvals are evidence that these concepts are truly one-of-a-kind.”

Four of the patents received by Hy-Ko are for innovations to its KID® key identification and duplication system, which uses sophisticated optical technology to identify keys and reduce miscuts.  A fifth patent is for technology used in the Vision Box™ key identification and cut verification tool, which uses a mirror system to scan keys. Pertaining to technology used in both the KID and Vision Box tools, a sixth patent covers a key identification system which improves accuracy by using the shape of the bittings (cuts) in a key to select the right key blank.

In addition, a patent was obtained for imaging and decoding sidewinder keys, which are high security automotive keys typically featuring transponder chips, as well as an eighth patent for technology on the Promatic-100™ machine, the only key cutting machine with three-in-one operation and a chip vacuuming system.

Patent numbers for these innovations are: US Patent 9,514,385; US Patent 9,550,263; US Patent 9,582,734; US Patent 9,656,332; US Patent 9,682,432; US Patent 9,687,920; US Patent 9,815,126; and US Patent 9,818,041.

One of Hy-Ko’s pending patents is for its new AutoX™ Tool, which allows retailers to easily perform On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) programming for most major vehicles. Offering the most advanced key duplication technology, AutoX is used for some newer cars with more advanced security systems which must be programmed in the vehicle itself.

“Our team at Hy-Ko already had set the bar extremely high in terms of key duplication innovation – creating several industry firsts, from fully automated key duplication systems to online retail key cutting machines,” explained Bass.  “But now, we’ve set the bar even higher, and will continue to strive to provide our retail partners with the best systems in the industry, bar-none.”  

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Since its founding in 1949, Hy-Ko Products Company has grown to become a leading supplier of numbers, letters and signs and key duplication systems to the dealers and retail outlets of the world’s largest cooperative buying organizations and hardware stores, home center operations, and mass merchants. Its sales growth and success are attributable to its agility and responsiveness in the ever-changing retail marketplace.


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